Iconic New York Times building enjoys benefits of window tinting – without the tint

Posted on May 9, 2011 | Written by Steve · Filed Under Commercial Window Tinting

The newly constructed tower block belonging to the New York Times Company in 8th Street, New York City, has incorporated a tinted level of solar protection for its windows, which, paradoxically, does not actually feature a window tint.

The innovative approach has been commissioned because of a desire to maintain a clear glass effect – for both outside observers and occupants – without inflicting discomfort from the sun’s rays on those inside; and, without necessitating the introduction of expensive, compensatory additional air conditioning measures.

The clear glass look was also much sought after by the building’s architects for design purposes; through the provision of a clean, reflective light source for their addition of cosmetic external ceramic tubing.

The result is an impressive 52-storey landmark which stands out owing to its domination by 463,000 square feet of transparent glass, and through what observers at street level describe in terms of a rather unique mystical effect created by the naturally lit ceramic tubing.

The move by the New York Times Company is only the latest in a series of attempts by firms to incorporate innovation and creativity into the traditional concept of window tinting.

From Manchester in the UK to points as far apart as South Africa and – of course – the USA, there has been an increasing trend in introducing alternatives to the traditional concept of conservatory window darkening, through the use of brightly coloured or transparent coatings, whether for the purposes of marketing, design, or solar protection.

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