Car Window Tinting

Improves the Look & Style

Increases Privacy

Reduces Heat Gain & Glare

Increases Security

Reduces U.V. Damage

Car & Vehicle Window Tinting

Mobile Fitting & Collection Service Available

Why Have Your Car or Vehicle Windows Tinted With Window Film?

Improves the looks and style of your vehicle
Increases privacy
Reduces heat gain and glare
Increases security by holding glass in one piece
Reduces U.V. damage
Lifetime guarantee
Free quotation

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Car/Vehicle Window Tinting & The Law

The Window tinting Regulation was amended from 1st January 2004.

The Regulation states 70% of visible light must pass through the driver and front passenger window including any other substrate fitted to the glass and the windscreen should allow 75% visible light.

Car Window Tinting and the Law
Mobile window tinting service

Mobile Window Tinting Service

At CoolTint we offer a mobile fitting service so you can have the work completed professionally either at your home or place of work. All that is required is a garage or covered area that is dry, wind-free and warm to maintain the quality.

We are also able to offer a collection and delivery service (a fee may apply).

The cleaner your vehicle both inside and out will help reduce film contamination.

Please note that whilst we take every care to reduce dust and dirt contamination, a better result will be achieved if your car is cleaned thoroughly before we add the film.

Your tinted car windows should not be opened for 24 hours after the film has been fitted.

Why is CoolTint the best choice for your car or vehicle window tinting?

At CoolTint we have been installing window films for individuals, corporate clients and public bodies for more than 12 years. Moreover, our highly professional staff have over 30 years experience in the industry. Although we are based in Oldham, we cover Greater Manchester, North and South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, and Wales, but we are not limited to those areas.

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